BBQ Pork Steaks

BBQ Pork Steaks

This recipe for BBQ Pork Steaks popped up in my YouTube feed and looked good. I’m always down to stretch a dollar, and turning a pork butt into several steaks sounded like a delicious plan to me.

Gather the ingredients.

Let’s go to work.

  1. Cut the pork butt into 1½ inch steaks. I was able to get four out of mine and used two for this experiment.
  2. Mix salts and pepper and make sure they are combined.
  3. Apply some Avocado Oil as a binder, then season each steak with the salt/pepper mix.
  4. Let the steaks rest for about 10 minutes to let the pink salt start doing its thing.
  5. Place the steaks in the smoker and set it to “Combo” smoke for five hours.
  6. Let the steaks smoke until they reach an internal temp of around 160 °F.
  7. Combine the mop ingredients in a bowl or cup, mix well, then mop the steaks all over.
  8. Keep flipping and mopping the steaks every 10 – 15 minutes until they reach an internal temp of around 190 °F.
  9. At 190 °F., mop the steaks one more time and wrap them in aluminum foil.
  10. Let the wrapped steaks ride in the smoker for another 15 – 20 minutes.
  11. ‘Nuff said! Pull the BBQ Pork Steaks and let them rest for a few minutes, then cut them up and enjoy!

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