Yah Mo B There

“Yah Mo B There” is easily one of my favorite 80’s songs. Listening to it on the radio as a kid, I didn’t pay close attention and thought they were saying, “I’m go be there.” I just liked the song. However, when I was older, my Aunt Candy gave me this CD, and when I truly listened to the lyrics, the song took on a completely different meaning and endeared it even more.

Now, it just so happens that the aunt that gave me the CD is a huge New York Yankees fan.

So, while listening to the song one day, I was inspired to create something to promote the message of the song, that God will be there; and, of course, I thought of my aunt, which reminded me of this:

So, the inspirations for this straightforward design are the timeless message of one of my favorite 80’s songs, my Aunt Candy, and her favorite baseball team.

Yah Mo B There T-shirt

The design is available now on t-shirts, hoodies, and more, so head over to the shop and order yours today.

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