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Yah Mo B There

“Yah Mo B There” is easily one of my favorite 80’s songs. Listening to it on the radio as a kid, I didn’t pay close attention and thought they were saying, “I’m go be there.” I just liked the song. However, when I was older, my Aunt Candy gave me this CD, and when I truly listened to the lyrics, the song took on a completely different meaning and endeared it even more.

Now, it just so happens that the aunt that gave me the CD is a huge New York Yankees fan.

While listening to the song one day, I was inspired to create something to promote the message of the song, that God will be there; and, of course, I thought of my aunt, and the Yankee’s logo.

So, the inspirations for this straightforward design are the timeless message of one of my favorite 80’s songs, my Aunt Candy, and her favorite baseball team.

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