I want to be covered in the dust of Christ.

Sometimes you’re the one and sometimes you’re the ninety-nine, but you’re always His.

I do not do it for you or them, because y’all may not understand it. Instead, I do all things for Him because Yahweh commands it.

“Effectual” and “fervent” are my words for 2024.

I pray that our Father helps us all to live THIS day considering THAT day.

Somebody prayed for me. They had me on their mind. They sacrificed their time. Somebody prayed for me.

Don’t ask for Calling if you’re not going answer.

I’m going back, back to the Old Landmark.

I watch Needful Things every spooky season. Max von Sydow is charmingly wicked and it has to be one of the most accurate depictions of how the devil runs game ever made.

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