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My Joule Sous Vide Cooker Review

Here is my review of my Joule Sous Vide Cooker.

After downsizing to an apartment, I needed to cook meat low and slow and started looking into cooking sous vide.

My Joule has turned out to be a priceless addition to my kitchen. With this tool, I can easily prepare meals of restaurant quality in the convenience of my own home. Its streamlined, contemporary style is aesthetically beautiful and wonderfully complements my kitchen.

The app that comes with it is very intuitive and makes it simple to find recipes, set temperatures, and monitor cooking progress. I enjoy using this appliance to prepare sous vide meals swiftly and simply like steak, salmon, and vegetables.

Overall, my Joule has been perfect for my long sous vide cooks, and everything I’ve cooked with it has been moist and flavorful, from brisket points to ribs and steaks.

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