The GodSpeaks campaign that started in the late ’90s, and featured a series of billboards with simple, easy-to-read messages in white type against a black board, with quotes “signed” by God is what gave me the inspiration for Himprinted.

The signs had no logo, address, website or phone number, just straight forward messages that would rightly represent the God of the Bible.

I wanted to do something similar and glorify God by creating inspired designs that spark thoughts in the viewers mind about God and His great love for them.

I begin every morning with a devotional walk with God and receive ideas for visual representations of whatever we are discussing at the time.

I am not a graphic designer, but I do my best to bring these inspired ideas to life, usually referencing pop culture or a highly recognizable brand.

In homage to the GodSpeaks billboards that influenced me so much, the designs are bold, and with few exceptions, are primarily white and come on black apparel:

So, if you dig what I’m doing, grab something from the collection and help me glorify God through inspired designs that leave His mark.

Working to hear “well done”,